Horror Shop Radio

S1 E1: Mischief Night

October 30, 2020 Horror Shop Films Season 1 Episode 1
Horror Shop Radio
S1 E1: Mischief Night
Show Notes

HORROR SHOP RADIO presents Mischief Night
This show contains content of an explicit nature. Listener discretion advised.

As an incoherent customer browses the Horror Shop, we join The Shopkeeper in listening to the first episode of Horror Shop Radio, Mischief Night!

The story centers around two boys who go out for a night of harmless fun, but find out what happens when they go poking around all the wrong places!

Written, Directed, and Produced by Matthew Burd


Hailey Burd as Michael and Christopher

Brianna Burd as Tommy

David Keegan as Old Man Willis

Joshua Perusse as Grown Up Michael

Stacy Casebeer as Sally

Rachel Compton as Carla

Bill Pittenger as Rocky

Matthew Burd as the voices of Peter, Mister Sinister, the Shopkeeper, and Satan

Original Music Score Composed by Brett Reed of Kontrol Phreak
Web Design: Lehigh Creative

Horror Shop Radio Theme Music Composed by Steve Vil of Teknokill
Listen to Teknokill on Spotify

Also featured was the song "Nightmare" by Mike Tlatelpa.
You can listen to Mike's music on Spotify and most streaming platforms

Post production and editing by Matthew Burd

Additional sound design from freesound.org and produced under a creative commons license.

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Episode Two of Horror Shop Radio entitled "The Shrieks" will be coming your way on November 30, 2020! In the meantime, visit our friends at No Sleep Tonight!

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